Visual Search Engine Revolution

“A Visual Search Engine is a search engine designed to search for information on the World Wide Web through the input of an image or a search engine with a visual display of the search results. Information may consist of web pages, locations, other images and other types of documents. This type of search engines is mostly used to search on the mobile Internet through an image of an unknown object (unknown search query). Examples are buildings in a foreign city. These search engines often use techniques for Content Based Image Retrieval.”
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There are some visual search engines such as,, but I do not love to use them, I still using to surf the webs until I have found Searhme which I think This is the revolution of Search Engine. For me I love to say

"Searchme if You Can"

Introduction to Searchme

Google Killer?

SearchMe visual search engine is the next generation search engine allows users or searchers to type in a search box and then define the involved topic of their search in order to provide the most relevant results. Once the searcher selects or choose the intended topic, Searchme will show the simple page showing pictures of each resulting web page that we can scan through. Users can see the web pages in the results before they click through, and real-time category suggestions narrow down the number of results immediately. All that users need is a high-speed connection like DSL or a cable modem.
First time that I used Searchme to search I forgot my time to bed, I have to say that there is one word that we have heard long time ago.
This word is "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get). Yes,it come true!

When I am using Searchme to surf the webs, I am thinking about "Catch me if you can movie".

Now it should be the time of

"Searchme if you can"

For more amazing times, go to
See the fantastic demo Videos as below.

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